Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences, And Formula

In this article, all the information will be about Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Sentences, and formulas. If we define this tense, we can say the work that is started in past and progressive in present. This tense is the part of the present tense that is of four types. The one more important thing about this tense that there is always given specific time in this type of sentence. This time may be in a year, month, hours, or minutes. These are the two things by which we can identify this type of sentence. First of all, we see about tense.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

To understand all the basics of Present Perfect Continuous Tense, you should know that what is the tense? So, first of all, we will know about tense. If you read the article carefully, you will clear all the doubts at the end of the article. So let’s start the article together.

What is tense

The concept of the tense is related to time and tense has three types. Most of the time, time is included in the tense, for example, he will go to college tomorrow. But time can be completed without using time, for example, Devid can play a cricket match.  Simply tense can be divided into three parts-

  1. Present tense
  2. Past tense
  3. future tense

Present tense

That tense tells about the present scenario is called present tense and it has four types.

  • (1)Present indefinite tense
  • (2)Present continuous tense
  • (3) Present perfect tense
  • (4) Present perfect continuous tense.

Past tense

That tense tells about the completed work is called past tense and it has also four types.

  • (1)Past indefinite tense
  • (2)Past continuous tense
  • (3)Past perfect tense
  • (4) Past perfect continuous tense.

future tense

That tense tells about the future is called future tense and this tense is also four types.

  • (1)Future indefinite tense
  • (2)Future continuous tense
  • (3)Future perfect tense
  • (4) Future perfect continuous tense.

But many scholars do not give acceptance to the future tense as a tense and according to them tense has only two types that are present and past tense.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Sentences, and formulas

In this tense  Has/ have and Been are the main helping verbs. The use of Has is with singular numbers and Have is come with plural numbers. We should use the ing form of the verb. If we see the simple rule of this sentence then maybe this type,

Subject+ has or have+ been+ing form of the verb + Object.

This is the main rule of the affirmative. So using this rule we can make Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Sentences. if we look for example so this is the perfect example, Devid has been playing a match since today morning. In this sentence Devid is the subject, Has been is the helping verb, Playing is the verb, and A match is the object of this sentence. Use of since and for is very complicated, so let us see when we use since and when we use for.

Use of Since and For

Most of the time in this tense one of them in since and for certainly used. The meaning of both is the same, in such a situation it becomes very difficult to decide which of the two will be used. When time is certain then we use since with the point of time and for uses with a period of time. For example, he has been living in India for three years. They have been living in Delhi since 2010. Here, since is referring to the exact time. But in the case of For, can’t guess the exact time.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense, and formulas

The sentence can be of three types, affirmative, negative, and interrogative and there is a different structure of all these sentences.  In the upper part, we have discussed the affirmatives structure. Here we will see about the negative and interrogative structure. Interrogative structure- this type of sentence starts with two types, the first is with helping verb and the second is with question words.

structure- 1 Has/ Have +subject + been +verb + object.

structure – 2 Question word+ has/ have + subject +been +verb+ object.

Rule of making the sentence of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

1- With he, she, it, and singular number we use has been and you, we, they, and plural number we use have been. We use the ing form of the verb.

2- For showing the time we use since and for. Where since is used for point of time and for is the period of time.

3- In the negative sentence after has/ have the negative word (not) is used and then been is used.

4- Has/ have comes in the first position and then subject of the sentence used and at the end, we use a question mark in place of a full stop. Note- Some verb in the English language shows the progressive meaning and the meaning of these verbs are same in the present perfect tense and present perfect continuous tense.

Examples- (1) he has lived in Mumbai for four years = he has been living in Mumbai for four years. (2) We have waited for two hours = We have been waiting for two hours.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (Sentences)

Komal has been reading this book for three hours.

He has been living in this house since June.

We have been working in this department for five years.

We have not been playing hockey for three hours.

She has been reading in this college since 2019.

Example of Present Perfect Continous Tense

  • She has been writing assignments on different topics since morning.
  • Akhil has been reading the novel for two hours.
  • The students have been playing football for an hour.
  • She has been singing in the room since morning.
  • He has been reading history books in the library for two hours.
  • Our family has been shopping for toys at this fair for three hours.
  • We have been watching this cricket on this ground for two hours.
  • You have been shopping for vegetables in that market for one hour.
  • I have been singing new and different kinds of songs, especially for ones.
  • I have been listening to old songs for four hours.
  • He has been traveling around Asia since 2020.
  • The children have been playing basketball on that field for five hours.
  • The story writer has been writing romantic stories for several hours.
  • The lyricist has been writing awesome songs in the film industry since the beginning of his career.
  • Have we been listening to devotional songs since morning?
  • I have not been watching English movies for an hour.
  • Have you been preparing for the semester exam for two hours?
  • We have been helping him to do the task for three hours.
  • My sister has been cooking for four hours.
  • I have been watching the comedy show, Kapil Sharma, for an hour.

Present perfect continuous tense exercise

Change the sentences into Negative sentence

  1. We have working for three hours.
  2. He has been Sleeping Since midnight.
  3. They have been taking Dinner Since 9 O’Clock.
  4. She has been working on her project for 2 Days.
  5. I Have been Working for my youtube channel for 5 Years.
  6. He has been reading in the same  Class since 2017.
  7. The runner has been running Since Morning.
  8. I Have been riding a bike since 2020.
  9. We have been playing cricket match for 4 hours.
  10. He has been going to school since 2002.
  11. The doctors have been asking for dinner for 1 hour.
  12. They have been doing your work since the afternoon.
  13. He has been attending the English Language Class for 4 years.
  14. She has been making her drawing for 3 hours.
  15. She has been completing her work in time since 2010.
  16. They have been coming to this temple for 1 week.
  17. Mayank has been teaching English for 13 years.
  18. They have been waiting for you since night.
  19. Nishu has been dancing for 1 hour.
  20. It has been installing for two hours.

Change the sentence into interrogative sentences

  1. The cricket match has been starting since 1:00 pm.
  2. The thinkers have been thinking since the afternoon.
  3. The boys have been drinking for 30 minutes.
  4. The teachers have been taking classes since 1994.
  5. She has been using mobile since her childhood.
  6. The student has been operating the Computer since morning.
  7. Our neighbor has been trying to open the door for 2 hours.
  8. The child has been watching T.v since 1994.
  9. My sister has been sleeping for 1 hour.
  10. They have been reading this novel book since morning.
  11. You have been playing for six hours.
  12. The trainer has been beating you for two hours.
  13. He has been running towards the forest for half an hour.
  14. Devid and Zulie have been laughing at him since Monday.
  15. The students have been doing fun since June.
  16. I have been closing a door for 2 hours.
  17. The child has been riding a bike since college
  18. The girls of my school have been using makeup since last summer.
  19. They have been cleaning her room since yesterday.
  20. All the teachers have been working with us since Sunday.
  21. She has been helping me since my childhood.
  22. I have been checking my air ticket for two hours.
  23. He has been searching for you since Friday.
  24. The engineers have been developing since 2000.
  25. I have been doing bodybuilding since my college days.
  26. She has been inventing something since her childhood.
  27. We have been living in Allahabad since 1948.
  28. It has been raining for 2 hours.
  29. They have been changing their hard drive since yesterday.

So this was the basic information about Present perfect continuous tense, sentences, and formulas. If you clear your basic knowledge, you can solve all the problems of the Present perfect continuous tense.

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